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Seth and Ernie have unique backgrounds in different spheres of the residential property market.

Whether it’s a specialized sale or a thoughtful acquisition, Chin & Associates will combine imaginative vision with a strong track record of executing deals and negotiating the best outcome for every deal they are involved with.



With two of Darwin’s largest sales in 2018, Chin & Associates have had some big successes in the commercial sector in recent times. Both sales were off market transactions with little or no advertising and attributed to just over $60 million worth of property sold.

Chin & Associates continues to receive functional income producing assets and highly sought after commercial properties for sale and is happy to help you buy or sell the right property for you.


International Projects

Chin & Associates have consulted on several international projects and have the knowledge and expertise to add value to the Asian market.



Property Development

Chin & Associates have been fundamental to the development of Darwin as we know it today.

Our founder, Ernie Chin is touted as the visionary and key player behind Darwin’s prestigious Cullen Bay marina and residential development.

Ernie was also the visionary behind the Mandorah locality, a unique community of around 300 people living in somewhat isolation and travelling 15 minutes by daily ferry to Darwin’s CBD.

During Australia’s 1990s recession period, triggered by an international stock market slump, Chin & Associates established a vendor financial model on its Marrakai development. The model allowed mostly south-east Asian farmers to lease land in Marrakai (about 1 hour east of Darwin) with the option of purchase.



This model allowed the farmers to begin developing hobby farms which created an industry of locally-grown tropical fruits which we enjoy in the Northern Territory and around Australia today.



Ernie Chin has also headed several residential apartment developments in Darwin’s CBD. Chin & Associates’ newest development is Blackmore Village, a residential sub-division with each individual block measuring a spacious 20,000sqm in the Litchfield Shire.

Interested buyers also have the option to purchase while leasing, similar to the Marrakai development.